Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tagak (white herons)

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AB was always requesting for a sunset from me before, so finally here's her sunset.... With a little bit of my touch in the foreground of course ha-ha....! Here's my version of a majestic looking Philippine White Heron.... Aren't they lovely....? I always see this bird in the rice fields when i was still in the philippines.... But you know what, i've never done this before in colors.... Actually, this is only the second time that i've drawn this bird in colors, the first one was with my last drawing below.... =D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beast of burden

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A couple of hours ago i was thinking of a scene to draw, something Filipino again of course ha-ha....! It's been a while since i last updated my blog so i was really trying to finish this as fast as i could tonight.... I was thinking of another landscape, but a plain landscape would be a bit lifeless isn't it....? That's why i've end up adding this Carabao and its calf in the foreground.... Looks alright....! I call this one, "Beast of burden" because this beast is always involved in the hardworks and heavy loads in the farm....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Babae sa kumot (Lady in the blanket)

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It's been a while since i last posted a new drawing here, so before everyone gets bored of coming over and waiting for a new one to be posted, here's another drawing that i did just a couple of hours ago hope you'll like this one.... This is my imagination gone too far ha-ha....!

Actually the whole idea of this composition is not about the naked lady, but about the blanket she's sitting on....! I was just trying to find out if i know how to draw a large piece of fabric with all those folds, twists, and wrinkles on it.... The naked lady is just an added attraction....! =D

Friday, February 29, 2008

Labandera ( Laundry Lady )

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It's been a while since my last art.... I was so busy doing a lot of things lately plus a job that i've found online so the only time that i can do some blogging is during the weekends.... Anyways, here's another one for yous.... This time it's about the Laundry Lady or Labandera in Filipino....

In some remote towns where the shallow rivers are still alive with crystal clear water from the cool springs and large river channels high up in the mountains, this is a very common sight mostly in the early morning when it' is still cool and free of the baking sun.... The women, mostly housewives gathers by the rocky bank of the river to wash their laundry in a large galvanise pans that we call Batya in filipino language.... Have a great weekend all....! =D

Friday, February 8, 2008

Harana (Serenade)

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Since the whole world is going to celebrate Valentines Day soon, i wanted to share to you this drawing that i've really composed today for the coming day of love and lovers.... I call this piece Harana (serenade).... Well, this doesn't usually happen under a mango tree like my version here because the parents then were very strict, but i think this is close enough....! =D

The filipino traditional Harana usually took place just below or by the maiden's bedroom window where she can look down and listen to the patient lad and his guitar offering a lovely song as his way of telling her his humble, and honest intension.... This is still a very common practice in small towns and barrios nowadays, but does not exist anymore in the big cities where the present generations were already influenced by the western ways and lifestyles....

....Happy Valentines Day all....!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sabong (Cockfighting)

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I really don't know what to post today, but i was so desperate to update because i haven't done that for quite a while now that's why i have no choice but to post this one.... It's a bit cruel though, this is shall i say one little cruel corner of my culture ha-ha....!

It's like one of those gladiator thingy, the roosters here will fight, bleed, and die like those early days roman gladiators.... I did this one last night with a few quick strokes of my tablet's pen while i was talking to AB.... I just like the way i've captured the movements here but not really planning to post it, but look who's talking now.... =D

Tagged by Paulette

Also, i've been tagged by Paulette.... This tag is for five things you don't know about me.... Thanks Paulette....!

1. I don't have a formal training in arts, but i've discovered my talent in drawing when i was six....

2. I always dream of becoming a wildlife illustrator one day.... Isn't it obvious in my arts that i love drawing animals....? =D

3. I'm not only good in drawing, i'm also a good cook....! I can create a good dish or desserts by heart out of just anything edible that is available in the kitchen in a flash....!

4. The last time i've eaten a solid breakfast was two years ago....! I don't normally eat anything in the morning, except a cup of coffee....

5. I love fishing so much but never really successfully did one since i was twelve..... It always ends up just during the planning process, everytime.... =D

Thanks again to Paulette for this tag....! =D

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kalesa (Horse carriage)

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While nursing my sore left shoulder and arm, my right hand was busy doing this....! Actually, i'm not sure if i did it right here.... I really don't remember how a Kalesa looks like, this is just how i've imagined it.... This is the taxi cab of the old days in the philippines.... The humble and undying Kalesa is still being used in some other parts of the country but mostly for tourism purposes only nowadays....

Though i believe that we've just inherited this ways of transport from the spanish era, the humble Kalesa has been and will always stay as an icon and a great symbol of the filipino culture and traditions.... =D

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Town fiesta....

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Probably i was just hungry or maybe i missed the taste of Lechon (roasted pig on bamboo pole) that i got inspired to compose this drawing last night and it came up just fantastic....! You have no idea how grateful i am to have this software, i can do magic with it....! Anyways, this is a very common scene during any town fiestas anywhere all over the philippines where the humble Lechon is always the star, i wonder why is that ha-ha....! Maybe too yummy huh....!

The only thing missing which i didn't include here is the large noisy crowd that's always present in celebrations like this, or else this composition will look like a football stadium full of fans ha-ha....! By the way, one week from now in the town where i came from back home they are also going to celebrate their first festival for a patron saint this year, which i will miss-out again....! Just look at that yummy Lechon, yumm....! =D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lumang Gulong (Old tyres)....

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Where there were small towns, with small crowded streets, and less heavy busy traffic, amidst the towering highrises of a modern and progressive city, the rolling of an old tyre always exists.... Interestingly, street games for kids the less luxurious ones are strangely seasonal too, i don't know the reasons why but that's how they are eversince....!

Maybe when they got bored of one type of game like playing a wooden-top for instance, they then shifts to another all at once like some sort of a blast of trend.... But one thing is for sure, street games never runs out like a wheel that had kept on rotating constantly from bottom to top, top to bottom, and around again.... Like these pieces of old and worn-out tyres in the drawing, probably a piece of junk to others, but for those who can't afford the luxury of a remote controlled car, or a bicycle perhapse, these old tyres and sticks are fantastic pieces of toys that deserves a special warm corner inside their shanty houses to park.... =D

The break of dawn....

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Here's another one.... Inspired by my entry about "Rooster and Hen" being featured in one lovely new blog-friend's amazing blogsite.... I thought, why not give it another go and draw another one....! But i will not call this a rooster or a crowing rooster anymore, but instead i'm calling this art, "The break of dawn" because it's about the break of dawn and the roosters doesn't crow at midnight, they crow at dawn di ba he-he....!

I remember the moment when i finished drawing the "Rooster and Hen" that i was even laughing because i couldn't at all believe that i've really done that drawing myself ha-ha....! I really thought that it was just a sudden struck of luck completing it successfully....!

Driven by that same thought, there i was this morning, challenging myself once more to grab a pen aiming to draw it again.... Well it doesn't necessarily have to look like a reproduction of the same art but instead a totally different art as long as it includes a rooster in its composition, and finally here it is....! Funny thing is that, i couldn't believe that i did this one either ha-ha....! Anyways, at least now i've proven to myself that.... still i couldn't believe that it was me....! =D

By the way, Paulette's site is a HUGE collection of artists and their arts.... I was delighted to see some of the beautiful artworks and creations by professional, amateurs, hobbyists and crafters, and arts by invisible artists like yours truly there.... Don't forget to check her out.... It was amazing, i've even saved a few of those site's URL in my computer, so in that way i can easily access and read some more about their lives, how they've started and their arts.... You know, artists loves to read about the life story of another artist too, it's like a more solid source of inspirations for us.... Thanks again Paulette....! =D

And also to Redlan, who featured me in his blog tonight, this entry is for you too Red....! Please don't forget to visit Redlan's blog as well, it's full of interesting topics, you won't regret your visits there ha-ha....! =D

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saranggola (Kite)....

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I love this one.... Well, flying the Saranggola (kite) is a favorite summer sport or past-time by not only the young ones, but also by those who are young at heart....

When i was little we used to build our own kites out of shopping plastic bags and bamboo splits, then we go kite-flying all day long along the river bank nearby because that's the only unobstructed wide and open area we know where we could safely fly our kites free from getting caught-up in the twining power lines and tall trees.... We had a lot of fun those days, that's probably the reason why i like this one because it reminds me of my childhood.... =D

Friday, January 11, 2008

Rice Farmer....

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A rice farmer working in the field.... This method of farming using a buffalo and a plow is still widely used in the philippines today.... This whole composition is a display of great strength and determination....

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bahay Kubo (Nipa hut)....

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This idea came to me while i was washing a pair of pants today humming a very popular filipino folk song about a Nipa hut surrounded by diffirent kinds of vegetables.... I got inspired by a song ha-ha....! Nipa by the way, as it is commonly known in the Philippines is a palm tree variety that only grows amongs the mangroves along the banks of shallow and muddy rivers....

The sword shape leaves of this palms can be folded, arranged and stitched in a row using the fibers from the same tree over a thin bamboo splitting to form a meter and a half long ply that are then being used as a roofing material for bamboo houses.... The Nipa roofs can last for five years.... =D

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rooster and hen....

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This is my version of a Rooster and its Hen.... Still using my Corel Draw software.... Okay ba....? It's not as hard to do as those ones i did in oil before because i can easily draw and colour this software-generated art less the trouble of preparations and mixing of colours, and most of all the mess, but still this kind of art helps me a lot in exercising my hand as well as my brain to further improve my talent and skills....

I'm having a lot of fun using this fantastic software ha-ha....! I think i'll just call these Corel arts my study because i might transfer them to the canvas later on.... =D

Sunday, January 6, 2008


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Ang Durian bow....! This is probably the only fruit that i haven't tried yet in my whole life and i guess i'll never will ha-ha....! It has a reputation of being the most stinkiest of all fruits....

They said that it will take a tough nose to stand it's smell but don't be fooled by that, the meat of this fruit is said to be very tasty and sweet, you have to avoid the spikes though....! I've enjoyed drawing this so much because of those spikes, they are very challenging to draw.... =D

Saturday, January 5, 2008


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Watermelon everyone....? Look very sweet, cold and juicy....! Great refreshment for summer....! Yum....! =D


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My first attempt to draw a Seascape using Corel Draw.... I find it a bit harder than oil and brush.... This style of art is very easy to do with brush....

Friday, January 4, 2008

Self portrait....

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This is probably the closest that i could get using my mighty pencil to how i look like.... Kakahiya he-he....! Only thing is, i look a little younger here ha-ha....! Using my Corel Draw again, this is my self portrait.... =D

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wild Budgie....

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A wild green Budgie on a branch of a tree.... Not really satisfied with this one.... I should've drawn another Budgie beside it....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hill Myna....

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Here's another one of my Corel Draw attempts.... I think they call this bird Kiyaw in the philippines.... A Hill Myna on the branch of a tree....

My Corel Draw attempt....

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Look what i can do using my drawing tablet in just 15 minutes....! I couldn't believe it myself ha-ha....! =D

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