Friday, February 8, 2008

Harana (Serenade)

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Since the whole world is going to celebrate Valentines Day soon, i wanted to share to you this drawing that i've really composed today for the coming day of love and lovers.... I call this piece Harana (serenade).... Well, this doesn't usually happen under a mango tree like my version here because the parents then were very strict, but i think this is close enough....! =D

The filipino traditional Harana usually took place just below or by the maiden's bedroom window where she can look down and listen to the patient lad and his guitar offering a lovely song as his way of telling her his humble, and honest intension.... This is still a very common practice in small towns and barrios nowadays, but does not exist anymore in the big cities where the present generations were already influenced by the western ways and lifestyles....

....Happy Valentines Day all....!!!

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