Friday, February 1, 2008

Sabong (Cockfighting)

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I really don't know what to post today, but i was so desperate to update because i haven't done that for quite a while now that's why i have no choice but to post this one.... It's a bit cruel though, this is shall i say one little cruel corner of my culture ha-ha....!

It's like one of those gladiator thingy, the roosters here will fight, bleed, and die like those early days roman gladiators.... I did this one last night with a few quick strokes of my tablet's pen while i was talking to AB.... I just like the way i've captured the movements here but not really planning to post it, but look who's talking now.... =D

Tagged by Paulette

Also, i've been tagged by Paulette.... This tag is for five things you don't know about me.... Thanks Paulette....!

1. I don't have a formal training in arts, but i've discovered my talent in drawing when i was six....

2. I always dream of becoming a wildlife illustrator one day.... Isn't it obvious in my arts that i love drawing animals....? =D

3. I'm not only good in drawing, i'm also a good cook....! I can create a good dish or desserts by heart out of just anything edible that is available in the kitchen in a flash....!

4. The last time i've eaten a solid breakfast was two years ago....! I don't normally eat anything in the morning, except a cup of coffee....

5. I love fishing so much but never really successfully did one since i was twelve..... It always ends up just during the planning process, everytime.... =D

Thanks again to Paulette for this tag....! =D

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