Saturday, January 19, 2008

Town fiesta....

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Probably i was just hungry or maybe i missed the taste of Lechon (roasted pig on bamboo pole) that i got inspired to compose this drawing last night and it came up just fantastic....! You have no idea how grateful i am to have this software, i can do magic with it....! Anyways, this is a very common scene during any town fiestas anywhere all over the philippines where the humble Lechon is always the star, i wonder why is that ha-ha....! Maybe too yummy huh....!

The only thing missing which i didn't include here is the large noisy crowd that's always present in celebrations like this, or else this composition will look like a football stadium full of fans ha-ha....! By the way, one week from now in the town where i came from back home they are also going to celebrate their first festival for a patron saint this year, which i will miss-out again....! Just look at that yummy Lechon, yumm....! =D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lumang Gulong (Old tyres)....

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Where there were small towns, with small crowded streets, and less heavy busy traffic, amidst the towering highrises of a modern and progressive city, the rolling of an old tyre always exists.... Interestingly, street games for kids the less luxurious ones are strangely seasonal too, i don't know the reasons why but that's how they are eversince....!

Maybe when they got bored of one type of game like playing a wooden-top for instance, they then shifts to another all at once like some sort of a blast of trend.... But one thing is for sure, street games never runs out like a wheel that had kept on rotating constantly from bottom to top, top to bottom, and around again.... Like these pieces of old and worn-out tyres in the drawing, probably a piece of junk to others, but for those who can't afford the luxury of a remote controlled car, or a bicycle perhapse, these old tyres and sticks are fantastic pieces of toys that deserves a special warm corner inside their shanty houses to park.... =D

The break of dawn....

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Here's another one.... Inspired by my entry about "Rooster and Hen" being featured in one lovely new blog-friend's amazing blogsite.... I thought, why not give it another go and draw another one....! But i will not call this a rooster or a crowing rooster anymore, but instead i'm calling this art, "The break of dawn" because it's about the break of dawn and the roosters doesn't crow at midnight, they crow at dawn di ba he-he....!

I remember the moment when i finished drawing the "Rooster and Hen" that i was even laughing because i couldn't at all believe that i've really done that drawing myself ha-ha....! I really thought that it was just a sudden struck of luck completing it successfully....!

Driven by that same thought, there i was this morning, challenging myself once more to grab a pen aiming to draw it again.... Well it doesn't necessarily have to look like a reproduction of the same art but instead a totally different art as long as it includes a rooster in its composition, and finally here it is....! Funny thing is that, i couldn't believe that i did this one either ha-ha....! Anyways, at least now i've proven to myself that.... still i couldn't believe that it was me....! =D

By the way, Paulette's site is a HUGE collection of artists and their arts.... I was delighted to see some of the beautiful artworks and creations by professional, amateurs, hobbyists and crafters, and arts by invisible artists like yours truly there.... Don't forget to check her out.... It was amazing, i've even saved a few of those site's URL in my computer, so in that way i can easily access and read some more about their lives, how they've started and their arts.... You know, artists loves to read about the life story of another artist too, it's like a more solid source of inspirations for us.... Thanks again Paulette....! =D

And also to Redlan, who featured me in his blog tonight, this entry is for you too Red....! Please don't forget to visit Redlan's blog as well, it's full of interesting topics, you won't regret your visits there ha-ha....! =D

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saranggola (Kite)....

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I love this one.... Well, flying the Saranggola (kite) is a favorite summer sport or past-time by not only the young ones, but also by those who are young at heart....

When i was little we used to build our own kites out of shopping plastic bags and bamboo splits, then we go kite-flying all day long along the river bank nearby because that's the only unobstructed wide and open area we know where we could safely fly our kites free from getting caught-up in the twining power lines and tall trees.... We had a lot of fun those days, that's probably the reason why i like this one because it reminds me of my childhood.... =D

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